Ostendo: Sales and Distribution

Wholesale Sales and Distribution in Ostendo

Ostendo's warehouse and inventory management functionality is ideal for wholesalers and distributors.

With features such as picking sheets ordered by item location and integration with PDAs for remote stocktakes and picking, Ostendo has the potential to both save time and reduce mistakes in your wholesale distribution business.

Tasks can even be automatically displayed on each user's screen as soon as each step they are responsible for is ready to be processed.

Ostendo Features for an Importing and Exporting Business

Included in Ostendo, is a shipping module which is capable of tracking import shipments and shipping costs, as well as calculating landed costs.

Within the shipping module users are able to enter all costs associated with a shipment and then, at the click of a button, automatically apply these charges to each item within the shipment to give the true landed cost for each item.

Charges can be apportioned across a shipment by a variety of methods, e.g. by volume, weight, duty %, price etc.

Multiple purchase orders can be combined into a single shipment for ease of processing.

Ostendo has full multi-currency capability, including the ability to both buy and sell in multiple currencies, as well as the tracking of exchange gains and losses.

Some of the features you will find in Ostendo for the wholesale distribution business:

  • The ability to handle negative stock
  • Full multi-currency functionality, multiple foreign currencies per customer
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Sales order pricing and discount matrices
  • Sales orders with optional picking, packing and shipping processes
  • DRP - Distribution Requirements Planning System
  • Consolidate for jobs, sales deliveries and recurring invoices
  • Customer statements by company site, branch, head office and currency
  • Kitsets, configured items, alternate items and add-on sales
  • Sales order matrix with 2 or 3 dimensions per style, e.g. apparel
  • Speed order entry screens defined by user
  • Sales order touch screens and remote tablet users
  • Telesales with customer 'favourites' lists for fast order taking
  • Create a customer service asset after selling product or service
  • Multi-warehouse / multi-location functionality
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Drop-shipping
  • Import shipments including landed costs
  • Tracking by batch, serial, revision, grade, colour, size and style
  • Full visibility throughout the order cycle
  • Prioritise order fulfilment based on multiple measures (ie. customer priority / order date etc.)
  • Automated inventory replenishment and generation of purchase orders which can be consolidated by supplier
  • Generate purchase orders directly from sales orders
  • Inbuilt task management system
  • Integration with wireless PDAs for stocktake / goods receipt - dispatch etc.
  • Capability to link directly with online webstores for automated management of your online B2B and retail sales

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