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Ostendo Freeway Mobility app

The Ostendo Freeway app is a native app on the Smartphone or Tablet which can be used to run multiple business solutions.

Ostendo Freeway users can keep working even when there is no network connectivity.  The app is self-contained and with its own database.

Solutions are generally defined either for the purposes of Recording Data or Sharing Knowledge.

There are two categories of solutions:

Ostendo ERP Integrated Solutions

Built with the Ostendo ERP solution and only accessible to users of Ostendo

Standalone Solutions

Public – pre-developed solutions available to any Freeway User Free of Charge

Private – created from within Freeway

The basic building blocks of the Freeway Mobility app are:  Check Lists, images, signatures, sketches, notes, materials, times, etc.  No programming skills required.  You can specify a combination of such objects to perform hazard checks, capture input data, conduct surveys, etc.

Examples of solutions are:

  • Service Jobs/Quotes/Invoices
  • Sales Orders/Quotes/Invoices
  • Purchase Orders/Receipts
  • Update Assembly Orders
  • Update Delivery Orders
  • Customised Data Collection
  • Business process implementations such as :
  • Purchase Requisition approvals
  • Order Taking
  • New Customer Credit review
  • Quality Assurance
  • Time and Material Recording
  • Job Assignment
  • Pictorial Guides
  • Product Catalogues with images
  • Hazards and Instructions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Diagnostic Instructions
  • Help Guides, or ‘How To’ instructions

Freeway integrates with:

  • Ostendo ERP
  • Reckon One
  • Reckon Hosted (coming)

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