Ostendo: Job Costing and Fabrication

Engineering & Fabrication in Ostendo

Ostendo's functionality for Engineering and Fabrication companies in the areas of job and project costing are more advanced than many significantly more expensive products. From the estimating/quoting stage, right through to invoicing, Ostendo provides a high level of flexibility allowing it to be adapted to almost any business processes. If your business has some unusual requirements that Ostendo does not cover as standard, there is a high likelihood that we are will be able to modify the software to meet your specific needs.

Some of the engineering and fabrication features you will find in Ostendo:

  • Easily built estimates including labour and sub-contractors
  • Adjust markups across an entire estimate or by single component
  • Invoice from actuals/schedule/fixed price
  • Book employees and assets into a job calendar
  • Support for retentions and progress claims
  • Record and report on planned vs. actual usage by job
  • Support for timesheets including the ability to track who did what on each particular task in a job
  • Integrated call centre for task management
  • Advanced WIP reporting
  • Generate quote/estimate then convert into open job
  • Generate purchase orders directly from a job

Ostendo for Construction and Projects

Ostendo has a substantial set of features designed specifically for the construction industry and is a powerful tool which can be used to rapidly build estimates and track costs throughout the life of a job.

Some of Ostendo's features relevant to the building & construction industry:

  • Track labour and sub-contractor work done on each job including the ability to enter timesheets by task
  • Create job templates to assist in rapidly building estimates
  • Consolidate multiple sub-level jobs into a project which can then be invoiced and reported on
  • Labour capacity planning by department
  • Multiple invoicing styles including from schedule, actuals and fixed price
  • Generate progress claims and retention invoices
  • Advanced options for applying markups to estimates
  • Book assets and employees into a job scheduling calendar
  • Manage variations to contract
  • Integrated CRM for management of both customer and internal communications
  • Advanced reporting including projected costs, WIP and completion levels

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