Ostendo Freeway: Deliveries

When picking items in a Delivery Order within Freeway, you can drill-down on the item to see product details like Product Image and quantities available. You can also specify your own inquiry to display other information pertaining to the item.

Freeway can dynamically pull in the Delivery Lines from the associated order each time the datasheet is opened. This means the latest delivery lines will be displayed each time the Delivery datasheet is opened.

If the Delivery Mode of the Mobility User is “Proof of Delivery”, then the user can only view and/or print the lines only.

If the Delivery Mode is “Delivery Pick”, then the user can proceed with picking of each of the Delivery Line.

Freeway will automatically generate a checklist to collect the following information:

Picking and Packing Status:

  • Picking Complete - this is a checkbox to indicate if picking is completed for the delivery order.
  • Packing Complete - this is a checkbox to indicate if the items are all packed.

Delivery Shipment Details:

  • Actual Weight (Kg) - enter the weight of the shipment here
  • Actual Volume (M3) - enter the volume here
  • Number of Pieces - enter the quantity here

Freight Information:

  • Shipping Reference - enter shipping reference here
  • Specified Shipping Method - enter shipping method here
  • Override Standard Freight Charge - tick this checkbox if required
  • Specified Nett Freight Charge - enter value here

All the above checklist items are optional. Use as required.

Sales Delivery Picking requires a live connection with the Ostendo database as the delivery lines are dynamically updated during picking.

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