Ostendo: CRM and Call Centre


Manage every aspect of your customer relationship from prospect to customer, quote, job and order tracking, invoice and payment history to activity log for emails, calls, meetings, etc.

The customer database tracks multiple contacts and delivery addresses, head office billing information, job and invoicing requirements, and so on.

An integrated call centre management system gathers date and time stamped customer calls and initiates service level agreements and resource activities to monitor and progress the customer call through to its conclusion. Phone systems can be integrated with Ostendo to automatically create call centre tickets with customer records attached.

You may choose to add the frequently asked questions to your business knowledge base in Ostendo.

A complete call history and quote history is maintained including conversions to actual orders.

Quotes can be converted into sales orders or jobs at any time.

Quotes have an expiry date and must be converted to an order or changed to lost status with a reason code explaining the lost quote.

Quotes can be prepared for products and services, made to order custom products and services through to complex labour, materials and sub-contracted jobs and projects.

Special pricing rules can be automatically applied to quotes according to customer type and other pre-defined criteria.

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