Ostendo: Advanced Inventory Management

Ostendo for Advanced Inventory

Inventory is the (??? think of some words) of Ostendo.

  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location
  • Multiple stocking units of measure and stock conversions
  • Expiry date, batch, serial number and warranty tracking
  • Grade, colour, style, size controls
  • Product revision level
  • Notes, images, documents, history and warranty per item
  • Barcode, manufacturer's name, brand, model, unlimited user definable properties
  • Multiple user-definable fields
  • Fully integrated with manufacturing
  • Add-on sales, alternative and superseded items
  • Product configurator
  • Barcodes, Barcode Labels and Inventory Labels
  • Stock Takes and Location Transfers
  • Negative Stock
  • Alternate Item with Cross Reference Supplier Code and Manufacturer’s Code
  • Equipment Hire and Rentals
  • Landed Costing for Imports
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Tax Rates
  • 50 character stock item codes and 100 character product descriptions
  • 66,0000 character stock item notes field, almost unlimited
  • Image and document attachments
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Create regular customer asset servicing for after sales servicing of products.
  • Track drop-shipments directly to your customer's address, or an alternative address
  • Optional purchase order approval control process
  • Inventory includes stock controlled items (raw materials and finished goods) such as source on demand products, custom made products and assemblies.
  • Non stock items that are not stock controlled are called descriptors and supplier catalogues.
  • Stock can be recorded and transferred against multiple warehouses and multiple locations.
  • Stock takes can be organised by these or by product or category.
  • You can create warranties automatically when items are sold and create regular customer asset servicing for after sales servicing of products.
  • A mass global replacement facility is included for substituting items and alternative items option from the preferred supplier or list of approved suppliers with part number cross-reference and pricing information.
  • Single Level Replenishment option with Item Code/Category selection
  • Include/Exclude Forecasting
  • Include/Exclude selected Warehouses
  • User-defined Replenishment Horizon
  • Combine with Source-On-Demand requirements
  • Convert to Assembly or Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Re-Stock facilities

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