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Choosing your software

Not sure what is the right software for your business?

You don't want to get it wrong as you rarely get a second chance. 

Let aboutBusiness help you select a solution from one of the off-the-shelf packages we supply and support, or let us provide a full consulting service to find a solution that is more suited to your needs. 

Our Guarantee to You :

We will never sell you one of our off-the-shelf brands,
just because we can. 

 At aboutBusiness, it's all about YOUR Business

Brands we sell and support include:

  • Ostendo Operational Software
  • sagePASTEL Partner
  • MYOB EXO Employer Services Payroll and Time and Attendance
  • MYOB Accounting
  • MYOB Payroll
  • MYOB Retail Manager Point of Sale
  • QuickBooks Easy Start, Small Business, Accounting, Plus, Professional, Premier, Enterprise and On Line
  • Xero

The Procedure We Follow


At aboutBusiness we will listen to what your needs are before we make a recommendation. Your consultant will ask many questions to determine the best solution for your business.

You may feel quite stressed at this stage because until you know what you don't know, it can feel quite intimidating answering questions about things you thought you knew but somehow everything you thought you knew disappeared with the first question. 

It is normal for your consultant to ask probing questions so that they do the right thing for you.  Sometimes you may both be talking about the same thing but in different ways. 

No-one here thinks that you don't know enough about your own business; we need to find out exactly what your requirements are. 

By asking the right questions we can help you make the right choice as you rarely get a second chance.

Installation and Setup of Your Data File

This is a step that is often best done by us with input from you and/or your accountant.  If you do it yourself, it's usually best to get us in to check your setup before you get too far ahead.  It's easier to make changes at the beginning than once you've done a lot work.  Making changes later is always much more expensive than spending a bit of time or money getting it right at the start. 


We will provide you with as little or as much training as you require, either one on one or in groups. This can be done all at once, or in stages – whatever suits you best. 

We can also provide as necessary:  

  • A review of information entered to date and assistance with correction of entries as necessary
  • Troubleshooting and ongoing system enhancements
  • End of Year Rollover
  • Integration with other software programs
  • Assistance with Depreciation, Excel Spreadsheets, Employment Law, etc
  • Phone, Email and Remote Support

Call now for a no obligation appraisal of your job

 aboutBusiness - the business that helps you increase the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities



Increasing the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities.

aboutBusiness Services


"Not knowing much about software, we accepted the [aboutBusiness] quote in good faith.  We now do in one day a week what used to take 5 mornings."

John Betts, Yaldhurst Wools Ltd

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