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Ask us about Payroll and Time and Attendance Software for any sized business 

Did you know that there are proposed changes to payroll legislation that could affect your contracts?

Are you sure you're complying with existing payroll and holidays legislation?

Do you know whether you are making errors with your wages or whether your leave liability is accurate?

Let aboutBusiness help you choose and set up a computerised payroll system to simplify your payroll and manage your leave liability better.

We have been helping businesses set up computerised wage systems for over 15 years.  

We back up our sales with on-site or on-line training and support.

When should I start a new payroll system?

Any time of the year is okay but April or May is always a good time to start a new payroll system as you can start from April and re-run 3 or 4 pays to get used to the new system. 

If you're looking to purchase payroll software, have a look at some of your options below and contact us or more information or a no-obligation demonstration.

MYOB EXO Payroll (previously Comacc Payroll) 


MYOB EXO Payroll automatically calculates accurate earnings, taxes, and deductions, tracks labour costs and provides detailed management reports.  MYOB EXO Payroll is suitable for 20 or more staff, up to organisations of 1,000 people.

MYOB EXO Payroll impresses me with its ease of data entry for a large staff and the ability to set up rules to remove much of the calculation required for the payroll.  To include Kiwisaver Employer costs or leave to the gross earnings by department or cost centre is a cynch and setting up a ledger report for exporting to accounting couldn't be easier.  The multiple levels of costing make activity costing a breeze. 

MYOB EXO Employer Services products are ergonomically designed with data entry in mind and there are only a few simple key strokes between steps, reducing RSI.  An added bonus with MYOB EXO Payroll is the integrated suite of MYOB EXO Employer Services products available: 



Time and Attendance

Employee Information



Health and Safety 
Automatically calculate accurate earnings, taxes, and deductions, track labour costs and provide detailed management reports

Keep on top of absenteeism and tardiness, track your labour costs and analyse trends 

Stay up-to-date with all your HR records

Save your payroll staff hours of time by allowing employees to access payslips, apply for leave and view holiday entitlement online themselves 

Capture your employees’ clocking times using biometric finger scanners, magnetic swipe cards or barcodes

Simplify and systemise your workplace safety obligations

Colleen King, from aboutBusiness, is the only accredited MYOB Employer Services Consultant in Christchurch.    Colleen was the sole provider of training and support for over 200 MYOB EXO Employer Services clients for several years when it was owned by the Comacc Payroll Company.

If you'd like to find out more about MYOB EXO Employer Services products, or

if you'd like to participate in our


Contact us now

ACE Payroll        


If your payroll is straightforward and doesn't require complex costing or rate calcuation, you'd be hard pressed to find better value for money than ACE Payroll.  With its large screens and ease of use, there's probably not another payroll that's as foolproof as this one.  It's hard to get anything wrong. 

If this isn't enough for you, they offer:
   a small business discount, 
   up to 6 months FREE technical support and training, and 
   a 90-day unconditional right of return

Cross grade pricing may also apply.   

Their support is superb and the ACE Payroll web site provides a wealth of payroll information.    At $250 plus GST for unllimited employess, ACE Payroll is exceptional value. 

You just can't go wrong with ACE.  Call us now and place an order.                                            

IMS Payroll  


Standard Windows features makes IMS Payroll Partner familiar and easy to use.  IMS Payroll Partner is suitable for businesses with staff numbers ranging from 1 to 5000.  IMS Payroll Partner is also available for Fiji, Samoa and Rarotonga.   The IMS support fee includes unlimited help desk support. 

IMS integrates with QuickBooks Job Costing, which makes it the logical payroll choice for many users of QuickBooks. 

IMS on line modules provide additional Internet based functionality for the collection, approval and validation or Timesheets and Leave Requests and the delivery of payslips and reports to employees and managers.   

Read more about IMS online ...

Contact us to find out more about IMS payroll.  

Smoothpay Payroll 


Smoothpay is our in-house payroll.  We don't have the staff numbers to use Exo or IMS Payroll and we need more costing than ACE gives us, so Smoothpay fills that gap for us with analysis of costs by cost centre and/or job code. 

The staff at Smoothpay are great and the support is superb.  Matt will customise something for you very quickly and many of the features in the product have come from specific customer needs that others also wanted. 

When I first 'bought' it, our business was new and the software was free if you employed less than five staff!  A good marketing ploy but those days are long gone and you can expect to pay for the software now. 

Smoothpay Payroll offers quick importing from timeclocks and spreadsheets, easy irFile production, correct tax calculations, proper Holidays Act compliance and analysis of costs by cost centre and/or job code. 

Check out the FREE on-line video tutorials:

MYOB Payroll

Payroll for 1 to 20 employees.  MYOB Payroll integrates seamlessly with the MYOB suite of Accounting products.    

On-line Payrolls

If you are into cloud computing, there are a growing number of on-line payrolls available now. SmartPayroll, iPayroll and Intreprid Payroll are a few our clients use.

aboutBusiness - the business that helps you increase the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities




Increasing the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities.


"I had spent ages trying to work it out [reconcile staff leave] but Colleen was able to find the right information quickly, calculate what the balances should be and reconcile the payroll balances. This saved me hours..."

Catherine Bos,
Rosebank Resthome

Read more testimonials here...


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