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Ostendo Features 

This list is included to give you an indication of the many features in Ostendo.  It may not be a complete list as there are updates and enhancements that may have been missed off.  Call if you need to know about anything you can't see here.  There is a link below to a library of PDFs you can download if you require more in-depth information on some of the key areas. 


Advanced Inventory/Distribution

Ø Sales Ø

Discount Matrix

Ø Serial/Batch and Warranty Tracking Ø Purchasing / Procurement Ø Sales Kitsets
Ø Pricing/Quoting/Estimating  Ø Jobs / Projects / WIP Ø Add-on Sales
Ø Supplier Catalogues Ø Job Costing    Ø Bar Codes 
Ø Production Assembly/Manufacturing Ø Job Calendar Ø Point of Sale
Ø Bills of Materials with Routings Ø Labour/Timesheets  Ø Expiry Dates 
Ø MRP/Inventory Replenishment Ø Job and Resource Scheduling Ø Negative Stock
Ø Inventory Forecasting Ø Service and Maintenance Contracts Ø Call Centre
Ø Custom Products and Services Ø Capacity Planning Ø Multi Currency
Ø Multi Warehousing / Multi Locations Ø Rules Based Configurator for Custom Products Ø Graphical Workflow
Ø Units of Measure Ø Shipments / Landed Cost Ø Report Writer
Ø Customer Relations Management Ø Phantom Assemblies Ø Query Tools 
Ø Negative Stock Ø

POS Rental and Laybys


Expiry Dates

Ø POS multi-branch Ø Head Office Billing Ø Discount Matrices
Ø Standard, Last and Average Costing Ø Make to Order / Make to Stock Ø Phantom assemblies
Ø Routings Ø Co-products / By-products / Scrap          Ø Cost Roll Ups
Ø Global Replacement / Mass Substitution        

Technical utilities that come with Ostendo include:

  • a Firebird SQL database,
  • a built in report writer, 
  • an SQL tool for SQL queries,
  • a scripting engine for scripts to do almost anything you want,
  • lots of analysis screens, pivot tables and chart views,
  • inquiry screens,
  • KPIs,
  • business statistics,
  • a database utility for database backup, restore and validation, and
  • process work flows for your employees to graphically represent and link to their daily responsibilities.

There is a comprehensive HELP menu with Tutorials so you can help yourself at any time.

Ostendo runs on the Microsoft Windows operating systems and is a multi-user system scaling from 1 to 100+ users.  It is multi-company ready. 


OSTENDO Features Library Downloads Link

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