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Operations Management

The maintenance, control, and improvement of organizational activities that are required to produce goods or services for consumers.    Defintion BNET

Ostendo Features Library Downloads

If you like to look at the nuts of bolts of a system, this area is for you.  link
Did you know? 
OSTENDO is developed in New Zealand by Development-X Ltd.
Jeff Keith, an owner and director of Development-X, is passionate about OSTENDO and he never loses sight that it is ERP for small and mid-sized businesses. 
OSTENDO is a good fit with most small to medium sized businesses and is flexible enough to fit into most environments.
21% of businesses changed from large ERP systems to OSTENDO.
There are regular enhancements and updates are supplied via the web at no additional cost to you.
You will never be without help.  There is a high level of quality support locally and internationally.
You can start using OSTENDO before you integrate to your accounting system. No transactions will be lost.
You can customise your own user interfaces to manage work flows. 
The underlying scripting language allows very powerful functionality and has been used to interface to CAD, PDA devices, bar coding systems, automate the generation of invoices electronically and import complex price lists.
OSTENDO is developed using powerful, up-to-date, modern software anddatabases.  It is economic in the use of disc space. It will take a zillion years to outgrow the database GET REAL FIGURES COLLEEN

Ostendo Enhancement Request

If you have a request for something to be included or changed, click here for a link to enter your request



OSTENDO operations management /ERP  software

Has the operations side of your business outgrown your accounting software?
Are you wasting time double entering data into multiple databases?
Do you control your business operations or do they control you?


OSTENDO Operations Management Software bridges the gap between accounting systems and high-end ERP systems. OSTENDO integrates with many other systems to create your own complete ERP software solution.


OSTENDO is designed to meet the complex requirements of small and mid sized businesses at a price you can afford ...


OSTENDO is a low risk practical solution that can be supplied and installed cost effectively. OSTENDO will pay for itself many times over.

OSTENDO gives you the convenience of advanced operations management features while retaining your existing software like MYOB Accouting, Plus or Premier, or QuickBooks Accounting, Small Business, Plus, Pro or Premier for your financial and taxation requirements.

OSTENDO Operations Management Software extends your inventory, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, delivery, jobs and costing, service and maintenance tracking, capacity planning, scheduling, labour tracking, quoting, sales and improves your customer service, without blowing out the budget. 

OSTENDO comes with all its functionality out of the box; you do not have to purchase extra modules when your requirements change.    OSTENDO can be linked to other accounting packages on request.  

One package, many features

a Advanced Inventory and Purchasing (includes Landed Costing)
a Sales, Point of Sale (POS), Service
a CRM, Call Centre and Quoting
a Jobs and Costing, Projects
a Labour, Timesheets and Job Tracking
a Manufacturing, Engineering and Assembly
a Custom Configured Products and Services
a Reporting, Workflows and Technical Utilities
a Simple Scripting to get more from Ostendo
a Connecting to and sharing data with other applications to reduce duplication of data entry

OSTENDO links with other popular software

OSTENDO is ideal for: 

a Sales, Service and Repair Businesses a Contracters, Trades, Construction, Projects
a Preventative Maintenance Service Providers a Make to Stock or Make to Order Manufactuers
a Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers a Engineering and Job Shops
a Custom Product Manufacturers a Professional Services

OSTENDO allows you to:

a Focus on profitable work by using actual job costing
a Effortlessly trace serial, batch and warranty in inventory, jobs and service
a Quickly design, quote and make simple to complex configured
a Know what’s happening by tracking and scheduling jobs and people
a Automatically generate repeat work and revenue through the reminder system
a Have complete confidence in your results   


Send email requests for reports, inventory quantities or other information you might require when you are not on site.






OSTENDO features include: 


     Advanced Inventory/Distribution

     Ø   Sales  Ø

     Discount Matrix

     Ø  Serial/Batch and Warranty Tracking  Ø  Purchasing  Ø  Sales Kitsets  
     Ø  Pricing/Quoting/Estimating   Ø   Jobs/Projects  Ø  Add-on Sales  
     Ø  Supplier Catalogues  Ø   Job Costing     Ø  Bar Codes   
     Ø  Production Assembly/Manufacturing  Ø  Job Calendar  Ø  Point of Sale  
     Ø  Bills of Materials with Routings  Ø   Labour/Timesheets   Ø  Expiry Dates   
     Ø  MRP/Inventory Replenishment  Ø  Job and Resource Scheduling  Ø  Negative Stock  
     Ø  Inventory Forecasting  Ø  Service and Maintenance  Ø  Call Centre  
     Ø  Custom Products and Services  Ø  Capacity Planning  Ø  Multi Currency  
     Ø  Multi Warehousing / Locations  Ø  Rules Based Configurator  Ø  Graphical Workflow  
     Ø  Units of Measure  Ø   Shipments / Landed Cost  Ø  Report Writer  
     Ø  Customer Relations Management  Ø  Phantom Assemblies  Ø  Query Tools   

    Link to the Ostendo Features Library Downloads

    New features are regularly added.  Visit often and check out the Update Notes

OSTENDO Workflows / User Interfaces can be set up to suit your business

Create your own user friendly interfaces by using OSTENDO Workflows. How good is that? Workflows can be set up for the organisation as a whole, or for individual employees. The workflow examples below are set up by function: 

Sales and POS


Jobs, Projects and Service

Production, Assembly, Configured Products 

 OSTENDO Integration with Accounting Software

Sales and Debtors

All work on Debtors is done in OSTENDO and posted to your accounting software General Ledger, ready for cashbook reconciliation.

Purchases and Creditors

Purchases, stock receipts and supplier invoices are entered in OSTENDO and posted through to your accounting software Accounts Payable ready for you to pay the suppliers.

Direct Costs

Inventory, COGS, work in progress (WIP) figures are posted through from OSTENDO into your accounting software General Ledger.


Supplier invoices for telephone, power, and other overheads can be entered directly into your accounting software as long as they have not been entered into OSTENDO.





    OSTENDO is compatible with:  

    aStandalone Workstation

    aWorkgroup Network (Peer to Peer)

    aClient Server Network

    aTerminal Services Network  


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