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Is your accounting software holding you back?

Ask us about OSTENDO ERP software for the growing business.   

Ostendo ERP software is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses in the key areas of:

Manufacturing, Distribution, Service

• Make to Stock or Make to Order Manufacturing   more...
Engineering Fabrication & Jobbing   more...
• Food & Chemical Processing   more...
• Distribution & Wholesale   more...
• Advanced Inventory Management   more...
• Service & Repair   more...
• Preventative Service Maintenance   more...
• Contracting, Construction & Projects   more...
• Importing and Exporting   more...
• Retail   more...

Not sure if Ostendo will suit your business?  more....                

Close the gap and get the best of both worlds ...

Add the world-class features of OSTENDO Operations Software to the accounting software you are already familiar with* and you can close the information gap and keep your existing accounting software.  

Your production staff will be happy, your admin staff will be happy, your accountant will be happy, your customers will be happy and that should make you happy. 

*OSTENDO ships ready-to-go with: 

Reckon Accounts
sagePASTEL Evolution

It can also be used as a stand-alone solution, or it can be linked to other accounting packages on request.


A win-win-win situation 

Here's how Ostendo offers you a win-win solution

You can extend your operational capability in distribution and inventory, manufacturing, jobs and service
OSTENDO software extends your inventory - manufacturing - procurement - warehousing - distribution - delivery - jobs and costing, service and maintenance - capacity planning - scheduling - labour tracking - quoting and sales - workflows; and improves your customer service. 

You can control your costs - after all, it is your money
OSTENDO adds the critical cost-management controls and operations capabilities you need to help you and your team stay in business.  

You can have crucial information when you want it
OSTENDO software provides a tool that simplifies the complexities of small business operations management and reporting.

It's low-risk and affordable
OSTENDO is a low-risk practical solution that is packed with operations functionality at price you can afford.  We're so confident we can offer you the best deal, we invite you to compare our prices with similar software.  You can check our publicly listed prices here

There are no additional modules to purchase
OSTENDO comes with all its functionality out of the box; it couldn't be easier, you don't have to purchase any extra modules when your requirements change.  If you can't find the functionality you're looking for in the Features List, just ask us; new features are being added all the time.  

Ostendo is flexible and customisable
OSTENDO provides more flexibilty and customisation than most other software on the marketing in its price range, and more than some far more expensive ones.

Ostendo doesn't cost, it pays
This must-have software, bridges the gap between accounting systems and high-end ERP systems.  It will pay for itself many times over.


OSTENDO allows you to:

  • Focus on profitable work by using actual job costing
  • Effortlessly trace serial, batch and warranty in inventory, jobs and service
  • Quickly design, quote and make simple to complex configured products
  • Know what's happening by tracking and scheduling jobs, people, equipment and plant
  • Automatically generate repeat work and revenue through the reminder system
  • Have complete confidence in your results
  • Send email requests for reports, inventory quantities or other information you might require when you are not on site.

OSTENDO - ONE package - many features


OSTENDO has many advanced features often only available
in larger packages
Just one example is the OSTENDO Process Workflows.  Create your own user friendly User Interfaces to suit your business by using OSTENDO Process Workflows. How good is that?  Workflows are critical but they can be a very expensive feature of other software.

Workflows can be set up for the organisation as a whole, or for individual employees. 

The following examples show how the same workflows can be customised to create a different look and feel:    


You can see some other workflow examples here ...

The full list of features
Click here to go to the Ostendo Features Library, check out the update notes and to find out what to expect in future releases.  If you need detailed information on a feature, you will find downloadable PDFs.  If you can't find the information you're looking for, give us a call or send an email.

OSTENDO links with other popular software giving you the ability to create your own complete ERP system:


We love this software and we're sure you will too.

When you purchase Ostendo from us, we offer a complete training and implementation package which encompasses everything from the initial investigation stage right through to go-live and subsequent support.

Read everything you need to know about prices here then give us a call for a no-obligation appraisal of your system. 





Increasing the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities

inventory manufacturing procurement warehousing distribution
jobs and costing
service and maintenance

capacity planning
labour tracking quoting and sales
call centre
build to order
custom manufacturing and fabricating
web server
retentions and variations
import supplier catalogues
remote data capture
serial, batch and warrantly tracking


Great News....
Ostendo has the App you've been waiting for.  
The Ostendo Freeway Mobile App allows you to capture data in the field with the need for network coverage.  
The App has some great features including:

  • Integrated phone, SMS, emailing, camera, GPS, voice recording and speech to text
  • Rules, restrictions and settings by user
  • Customisable list driven user interface rather than hardcoded or forms based
  • Screens that scale with smart phones and tablets
  • Customisable industry templates
  • Signature capture with compulsory option
  • Multiple mandatory or optional checklists with ‘if then’ logic

aboutBusiness Software

Colleen King Ostendo Approved Partner 

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