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Not coping with payroll legislation?

Why make costly mistakes, when we can do it accurately for you?

Whether you have 2 staff or 200 staff we can take the payroll load off your shoulders.


We understand payroll legislation and keep you informed of changes -
you don't have the stress of keeping up to date


We remove the pressure of getting the pays done in time -
your pays will be accurate and on time


We enjoy payroll!


You forget to deduct Kiwisaver from an allowance, does  you head hurt when you try and work out the accounting entry to fix it?

The accounting entries are:

 1  When you run the one off pay adjustments

Unpaid Kiwisaver (dr) - the amount the employees owes you
DED Due (cr) - the amount you owe the IRD 

2 When you pay the IRD
  DED Due (dr)
Bank (cr)
 3 When you deduct the money from the employee wages
  Bank (dr) - will just reduce your DC schedule like any other payment due to you
Unpaid Kiwisaver (cr)

Head still hurting? 

These entries are like water off a duck's back to us.  We help out employers and accountants.  We are able to do a forensic audit on your payroll if you require it. 

Our confidential payroll service includes:

  • Interpreting employment contracts
  • Processing wages and salaries
  • Managing sick pay, statutory leave, annual leave and ACC
  • Printing or emailing payslips
  • IR-filing
  • Creating wage journals for your accounts
  • Producing management reports on employment costs
  • Training and support for your in-house payroll 

We can use your payroll or ours


We process payrolls at your office, at our office, or by logging on remotely to your computers from our office


We currently support: ACE, IMS, MYOB, EXO, MYOB Comacc, SmartPayroll, and Smoothpay


We are flexible - we can use any other payroll you choose


Receiving Timesheets and Processing Pays

We typically receive timesheets by fax, email or direct from client timeclocks.  Some clients send spreadsheets for importing to our payroll, others just send written hours to pay.

Call now for a no obligation appraisal of your job

Business -
 the business that helps you increase the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities


Certified member of the NZ Bookkeepers Association


NZ Bookkeeper Association Membership

Increasing the time you spend making money, by reducing the time you spend on unproductive activities.
"aboutBusiness  administered our payroll of 50+ staff for 5 years. Colleen simplified and streamlined our MYOB EXO Payroll and Time and Attendance processes. She was the best payroll person we ever had..."   Jared Maxwell-Smith, Markit Graphics now EIL
Read more testimonials here ...

Want to outsource your payroll?

aboutBusiness has been providing payroll services for the last 10 years.

We currently support:

ACE Payroll - IMS Payroll - MYOB Payroll - EXO Payroll (was Comacc) - SmartPayroll - Smoothpay Payroll

aboutBusiness Services

Links to useful employment information :

Department of Labour (DOL) Factsheets can be found here

The Code of Practice on Infant Feeding in the Workplace was released on 23 March 2010.  Read the detail here:  An Employer’s guide to: Section 69Y of the Employment Relations Act 2000 or the read the DOL Guidelines for Breastfeeding in the Workplace


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